2023 Royal Oak Beer, Wine and Cocktail Festival

August 2, 2023by Rocky Shattuck

More than 700 people took part in the Royal Oak Beer, Wine and Cocktail Festival at #TheLuckyCorner – Memorial Park on Saturday July 29. The event drew participants from all over Michigan and beyond and was co-hosted by the Royal Oak Leprechauns, Ballpark Beer Festival, RO Social Events, Elive Entertainment, The Social Connection and Detroit Social Events.


With more than 150 craft beers, seltzers, ciders, wines and cocktails to be sampled on the Leprechaun infield, there were plenty of home run flavors for the 21-and older fans. Live music, food trucks and all things beer, wine and liquor filled the stadium on a warm, sunny, summer Michigan afternoon.


“We had a great turnout for this inaugural event at #theluckycorner,” Royal Oak Leprechaun General Manager Mark Sackett said. “Lots of incredible vendors, food and music and everyone is invited back to our 2024 Great Lakes Summer Collegiate League Season. We hope to help sponsor this event and more at Memorial Park for years to come.”