Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Advisory Board

BOARD MEMBERSThe Leprechaun Advisory Boards

The Royal Oak Leprechauns operate as a 501 c3 nonprofit corporation under the parent company of USA Prime Michigan.   The Leprechaun operations are managed by the Chairman of the Board of the official nonprofit to follow the guidelines and regulations required of a charitable organization.   According to law, nonprofit organizations have no ownership but operate according to the guidelines of the board of directors and Chairman of the Board of the organization.

In order to bring some “ownership” or community involvement to our organization, the Royal Oak Leprechauns have set up three advisory boards.  Nonprofit advisory boards are crucial to the success of our organization.  The Leprechauns want to be engaged, informed, and efficient boards to make an impact in the community.  We know our board of directors have many responsibilities and can’t cover all the research and knowledge needed to steer the organization.  This is where our advisory boards come to the rescue! By supplementing specific areas where the board requires expertise, our advisory boards help our leaders make better decisions and get more done.  Please click on the three different advisory boards and see which one will fit best with you.   Each board has limited membership and specific requirements of its position.  We look forward to working with you.

Ownership Advisory BoardThe Advisory Board Council


To provide financial support to the Royal Oak Leprechaun organization and offer suggestions, ideas, recommendations, and constructive criticism to the operation of the program. The council is similar to an ownership role.

Meeting Frequency:

The council will hold semi-annual meetings in April and October.

Member responsibilities and expectations:

To follow the program on social media or in person and suggest improvements, ideas and recommend staff and other investors to the program. Additionally, they should assist in negotiations for capital improvements and purchases.

Membership Guidelines:

Attend semi-annual meetings, receive quarterly updates on financials and progress of the organization and to donate a minimum of $5,000 each year.

Membership term:

The membership is for one year from the date of receipt of the donation. The duration of the membership is a twelve-month period and membership lasts as long as guidelines are met. If at any time a member is in default, they will be removed.

Member removal:

A person is removed from the council by the Chairman of the Board due to the twelve-month expiration of membership or if the member oversteps their responsibilities as set forth above.

Current Members:

DJ & Jordan LeMahieu, Don & Wilma Sackett, Kevin Petras